Essential components for a perfect working of decatizing machinery our satin and molleton wrappers are request on demand of the market where we needs a product without any defects (i.e. swelling and size variations).Our fabrics are made of mixed Polyester/Cotton, mixed Cotton/Polyester/Polyamide and mixed Cotton/Polyamide.

Our decatizing wrappers distinguish for an excellent quality, and a very good quality/price ratio, and guarantee a high quality level into decatizing processing of any type fabrics.
A highly specialized branch of Montessile is running on Research & Development operations of Technical Fabrics "On Demand".
Under technical requests of customers, Montessile's staff help them to develop one or more particular fabrics in order to "reach the goal" of their final product.
In this way Montessile is costantly updated on technical improvement of textile technologies, in order to be always ready to reply to every technical question rearding Technical fabric Production.

Montessile carry on the exploration on the following division : Rubber Industry, Filtration, Transmission Fabrics, Energy, Individual Protection, Protection of instruments and structures, Adesive coated Fabrics and so on..
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Production and sale Technical Fabrics "On Demand"
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